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Joanne Yeo Yanyi
Associate Senior Division Director

People who knows me better, would describe me as a passionate, jovial, positive and motivated person. Apart from my friendly appearance, I also come with a broad experience in investment of properties, corporate housing solutions and expatriates’ tenancy management since 2010. 

In my line of work, word of mouth is the best proof of my good service to my clients. Many had since referred many of their friends as they know that I will be able to take care of their friends and relatives like how they were being well taken care of.

So in turn my team and I had successfully carve out a niche clientele, believing always to serve our clients with a service orientated attitude. My experience covers end-to-end services which has been applied and developed across a variety of industries.

Constantly handling expatriates from company, ensuring that all real estate needs are met without compromises made. 

Provide key after sales service in attending to the apartment issues or requests promptly for my client's property. 

Also from 2010 to current, I had come across with many different complex situations which I will be able to help you in the management of your property and handle conflicts through resolving and preventing potential disputes or finding an amicable solution for all parties involved. 

“Toyota Motors”, “BW Group”, “Barclays Bank”, “KPMG Services”, “Singapore Airlines”, “Tiger Airways”, “Crane Worldwide Logistics”, “Jabil Circuit SGP”, “Nippon Express”, “Ceva Asia Pacific”, "Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd", "ABB Pte Ltd", "UNDP", "Oliver Wyman Pte Ltd", "Cloudera Sgp", Herbert Smith Freehills LLP", "Creative Technology Ltd", "Societe Generale", "Abbott Laboratories (SGP)", "Royal Bank of Scotland", "Z.Kuroda", "Siemens Pte Ltd", "Temasek International Ptd Ltd", "Johnson Controls (S) Pte Ltd", M.Moser Associates (S) Pte Ltd, "Intelorg Pte Ltd", "Misys International Financial Systems Pte Ltd", "Accenture Pte Ltd", "Vistra Corporate Services (SEA) Pte Ltd" are companies included in my clientele base but not limited to.

With my vast experience with Singapore Airlines and Citibank, proved to be able to provide good customer relationship to locals and multi-national clients which includes America, Europe, United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Arab and many other Asian countries. 

With my banking and service background, it had been a learned ability to listen and seek solutions to meet my clients’ needs. With the ability to multi-task, working under pressure, cohesively as a team to deliver impeccable service is part of what we deliver.

Much have been said, nothing speaks louder than words then to prove otherwise. So I look forward to meeting and serving you.

Have a blessed day ahead.

Yours truly,

Joanne Yeo 

Associate Senior Sales Director

SRI Pte Ltd


LEASED!! : Tenants - Altez

"We contacted Joanne when our landlord in a previous condo had given us notice, and we had less than a month to find a new place to live. From our first conversation, they had instantly put us at ease. They are incredibly professional, reliable and knowledgeable, and helped us to secure a beautiful new condo for a great price in record time. Nothing was too much trouble for her, and she went above and beyond the normal duties of agents to make the move as easy and stress free as possible. From helping us with the negotiation, air con quotes and handover of keys, they have a high attention to detail and ensure everything is perfect. Since moving in they regularly check up to see if everything's okay, and I am confident that they will continue to offer fantastic service until the end of our tenancy.

There is no comparison between previous agents we have used to Joanne, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you and happy holidays to you!

Laura - Head of Marketing of a food service company"

LEASED!! : Tenants – The Laurels

"Thank you Joanne!

Moving to another country on the other side of the planet is a big adventure in itself, combined with a lot of uncertainty and thing you easily may forget.

Finding a place to live in a completely new city to make you feel at home therefore is critical and needs professional advice based on trust and credibility. That is where Joanne come into the play:

Without any clue on who to contact we went to a well known Singapore Property Website and decided to just contact some agents listed on that site to get our search for a place to live started.

While few agents did not reply at all, few came back weeks later. Not Joanne! After literally 4 hours – it must have been very early in Singapore then – Joanne replied with a very personal e-mail giving extremely useful advice for us on how to proceed as we only had about four days during a stopover in Singapore to find and decide for a place. Joanne’s promise was: “Trust me, I will make it happen for you and from now on, and will be your one-stop service when it comes to your search”

Now, lets see when we arrive we thought to ourselves, being people who do not easily believe in such marketing messages. But what we then experienced in terms of service absolutely went far beyond our highest expectations. In short, with Joanne’s help we found our place to live and where we felt home from the very beginning. During search we did not waste one minute of our time because they pre-selected the exact right places to see that would potentially meet our requirements. Both of them just asked the right questions to find out what we want, observed closely how we reacted to certain places and adjusted the upcoming visits accordingly. Once we found our place, the transaction went smoothly and we were feeling well advised and serviced by them even beyond getting the agreements signed. Even today both of them are constantly available for us with advice and should anything with our place not run smoothly. Thank you Joanne for making our start such an easy one!

Here is why we highly recommend their services:

(1)  The Professionalism: She know their job, the market and she knows exactly what she is doing!

(2)  The Service: She is truly focused on your well-being. True service is when you start feeling they read your mind. Yes, this is the case!

(3)  The End-to-end thinking: She knows the hurdles and questions you have, especially coming from abroad. She have answers ready and even in difficult situations come up with a solution for you!

Thank you!

Ralf – Executive at a leading global consultancy company

Jessica – Financial Controller at a leading global technology company "

LEASED!! Tenant – Vista Residences

Joanne was recommended to us via a colleague who relocated to Sg a few months ago. and We have been more than lucky and delighted to have their support for this transitioning period.

Of course: they have been perfectly professional, absolutely reactive and good advisors, with lots of patience and a very strong understanding of client requirements and constraints. But moreover, they have been very helpful in providing additional and pragmatic guidance for any other relocation issues to Singapore.

We found our family apart within 7 days, starting from scratch; at an unexpectedly good pricing, received incredible support for all administrative duties related to the transaction... and everything always in the smoothest way possible.. What to say more ? Please reach out to us - no doubt we will recommend their services to anybody looking for housing services!

BN and Sebastian - Senior Manager of global consultancy company"